1. What Makes Our Club Different

    At FIT Club we are not training elite athletes. We are working with everyday people that want to make healthier decisions in their day-to-day lives. We are here to help our members on their journey to better health through every stage of their life. Some areas that set us apart from other clubs are: Have… Continue Reading »
  2. How To Stop Gaining Weight During The Holidays

    It gets frustrating when you are working hard at your fitness goals and then your weight goes up after enjoying the holidays. People assume the weight gain is caused by the one day of celebrating the holiday, but that is not the case. Instead, the weight gain is due to indulging in the leftovers and… Continue Reading »
  3. 6 Mistakes You Are Making On Your Weight-Loss Journey

    Even though we wish there was a quick fix to lose weight, there is no magic bullet to make the number on your scale match your target weight or how you feel about yourself. Many of us are using weight-loss strategies that either do not work or might even be backfiring because we think it… Continue Reading »
  4. Benefits Of Water

    Water is vital for your body. Did you know that around 60% of the adult human body weight is water? Water plays a major role for your body and provides many benefits. Water helps with the following: Metabolic functions improve Body temperature regulation improves Nutrients distribute throughout the body Maintains the Balance of Body Fluids… Continue Reading »
  5. Tropical Morning Smoothie Recipe

    When you need to grab a fast breakfast or a mid-morning snack, try this refreshing smoothie. I personally love this smoothie. Enjoy! Blend together all the ingredients: 6 oz. (¾ cup) Plain Nonfat Greek Yogurt ½ cup Fresh or Frozen Mango Chunks ½ cup Fresh or Frozen Pineapple Chunks 1 Frozen or Fresh Banana, chopped… Continue Reading »