1. No Bake Energy Balls Recipe

    This is a great recipe to make for a snack. They are good, so remember to limit your intake. Moderation is key! Ingredients: 1 cup dry Old-Fashioned Oats (oatmeal) 2/3 cup Coconut Flakes ½ cup Almond Butter (you can use peanut butter instead) ½ cup ground Flax Seed ½ cup Chocolate Chips (you can use… Continue Reading »
  2. How To Stay Fit While Traveling

    When you are home, you develop a routine for working out. Once you travel, either for business or pleasure, you find it hard to stay on track with your fitness routine because your environment has changed. Below are some ways you can stay fit while traveling. Include your workout in your travel plans – Make… Continue Reading »
  3. Healthy Habits That Lead To Better Sleep

    Getting a good night sleep is a key component to achieving your fitness transformation. Sleep deficiency is linked to weight gain, decrease productivity and anger issues. To help you get a good night sleep try doing one or all the steps below. Plan for the next day – Prepare a healthy lunch, lay out what… Continue Reading »