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  1. How To Control Cortisol

    Cortisol is referred to as the catabolic hormone which is associated with breaking down tissue. When your cortisol level is high due to excessive stress, overtraining, not sleeping well and/or bad nutrition, you can easily gain weight, feel sluggish and your muscle tissue can start breaking down. Below are some ways to help control your… Continue Reading »
  2. Benefits Of Water

    Water is vital for your body. Did you know that around 60% of the adult human body weight is water? Water plays a major role for your body and provides many benefits. Water helps with the following: Metabolic functions improve Body temperature regulation improves Nutrients distribute throughout the body Maintains the Balance of Body Fluids… Continue Reading »
  3. Healthy Habits That Lead To Better Sleep

    Getting a good night sleep is a key component to achieving your fitness transformation. Sleep deficiency is linked to weight gain, decrease productivity and anger issues. To help you get a good night sleep try doing one or all the steps below. Plan for the next day – Prepare a healthy lunch, lay out what… Continue Reading »