Healthy Habits That Lead To Better Sleep

Getting a good night sleep is a key component to achieving your fitness transformation. Sleep deficiency is linked to weight gain, decrease productivity and anger issues. To help you get a good night sleep try doing one or all the steps below.

  • Plan for the next day – Prepare a healthy lunch, lay out what you will be wearing and get your gym clothes ready, so you are not thinking about it while you are trying to sleep.
  • Power off technology – One hour before you go to bed turn off all technology, so you brain has time to unwind before sleeping.
  • Tea and snacks – Drinking 1 to 2 cups of Chamomile tea (caffeine free) before bed acts as a sleep aid and helps relax nerves and muscles. Snacking on 1 to 2 Kiwis before bed can help you fall asleep because of the nutrients in the Kiwi or eating some Walnuts before bed can also help you fall asleep.

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