How To Stay Fit While Traveling

When you are home, you develop a routine for working out. Once you travel, either for business or pleasure, you find it hard to stay on track with your fitness routine because your environment has changed.

Below are some ways you can stay fit while traveling.

  • Include your workout in your travel plans – Make working out a priority in your travel plans. Look over your itinerary and schedule time for your workout. Know what kind of work out you will be doing, so you can plan ahead.
  • Pack your workout gear – When you pack for your trip, include your workout gear like tennis shoes and workout clothes. Having these items with you will encourage you to workout. You will eliminate the excuse of not having your gear with you.
  • Check out fitness room at hotel or classes in area – You can look online or call the hotel to see what fitness accommodations the hotel offers. Also, you can see what fitness classes are offered in the area. Remember, you can always go for a walk and explore the area.
  • Workout in your room – If you plan to workout in your hotel room, you can bring a band for resistance training, do body weight exercises or stream a workout. You have many options to choose from and you do not have to bring heavy equipment.
  • 2-Day rule – Remember to not let more than two days go by without working out. If you let more than two days go by without working out, getting back on your workout plan gets harder and you might let more days slip by that could turn into weeks. The 2day rule with help keep you accountable to your workout plan.
  • Fitness tracker – Wearing your fitness tracker while traveling helps you stay on track. It will help you notice how many steps you have done and how many calories you have burned. You can set goals for yourself to keep you on track. Explore your surroundings by adding steps to the tracker.
  • Healthy eating choices – While traveling you will probably have the urge to splurge. A good rule of thumb is to limit your splurge meals to one per week. I know this can be hard when traveling, so try to make healthy choices during your trip. Remember you can always share.

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