How To Stop Gaining Weight During The Holidays

It gets frustrating when you are working hard at your fitness goals and then your weight goes up after enjoying the holidays. People assume the weight gain is caused by the one day of celebrating the holiday, but that is not the case. Instead, the weight gain is due to indulging in the leftovers and not getting back on track right away. People tend to let bad habits of eating and not exercising creep back in because it is easy to do. I admit, I am not perfect, and I am one of those people where I need to watch myself otherwise the weight creeps back on. I have been there and need to be aware of my actions to stay on track and be focused on my goals especially as I get older. If we are not focused on our goals, then one meal/day turns into two then into a week and so on. We say to ourselves, we got it, we will get back on track tomorrow, but then tomorrow never comes, we keep postponing it. To avoid this from happening, we can enjoy the holidays with family and friends, but right after get back on track, stay focused on your goals. You can do it!

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