Personal Training Session

A certified Personal Trainer will conduct a one-on-one session that provides a more personalized experience for the client. The 1-hour session includes warm-up, exercises and cool-down.

By Appointment Only


Thai Bodywork Session

Also called Thai Massage, Thai Bodywork is a combination of massage, acupressure, energy meridian work and Yoga-like stretching. Thai Bodywork gives the benefits of massage, yoga, and energy work, though it is not really “massage” as Americans think of it but a holistic bodywork.
Traditionally given on a floor mat with clients fully clothed, Thai bodywork is a whole-body treatment. It combines passive stretching and movement of joints with several touch techniques and work along energy meridians (called sen in Thai). The whole treatment is a graceful, nurturing, interactive dance that is sensitive to the condition of each person. The effect of Thai Massage is greater flexibility, flow of energy, deep relaxation, and feeling of well being.
It can have therapeutic benefit for many conditions, especially tight hamstrings and general stiffness, muscular aches in low back, hips, neck and shoulders, as well as, mild rheumatoid arthritis. Thai Bodywork is a great compliment to any exercise routine and facilitates muscle recovery for enhanced performance.

By Appointment Only