What Makes Our Club Different

At FIT Club we are not training elite athletes. We are working with everyday people that want to make healthier decisions in their day-to-day lives. We are here to help our members on their journey to better health through every stage of their life. Some areas that set us apart from other clubs are:

  • Have you ever been talked into a quick fix program that didn’t result in any long-term change? These types of programs rarely work and will not be on our agenda.
  • Does your club have “Open” workouts on specific days? How comfortable is it to workout with 60 people all fighting for space? Certainly, any business needs to promote itself, but our current clients will always have top priority.
  • Many clubs use residential grade equipment that does not hold up to the high usage in a club environment. All the equipment at Fit Club is commercial grade and is built to last.
  • Working out in a group setting puts you near many people and can create a less than desirable environment if not maintained properly. Much of the equipment, including our flooring, is made of material that reduce bacterial growth and promote a healthier environment.
  • Many clubs offer diet plans, but these are typically canned programs and are the same for each client. Fit Club is offering access to a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) through a private Facebook page. This will provide the opportunity to ask any common questions you may have and as a result, the rest of the group will benefit from the dialog. If you so desire, the RDN can provide consultation on specific dietary needs for an additional charge.

As you can see, we want to help people get fit / stay fit while educating them on nutrition, so they can live a healthy lifestyle. We are there for the client by working together towards the goals of the client. At Fit Club we provide a fun, caring and supportive atmosphere.

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